Sunday, February 14, 2016

Lovin' life, be still...

I'm back. I haven't written in a while, because...
I took a more-than-full-time, temporary job doing taxes, in Clearwater. So not only is there the work, but there's also the half-hour-one-way drive to that fair town.
I'm really enjoying it. I'm learning a lot! And I'm getting to meet lots of great folks who live and work in the area. It's a neat small town. I also teach yoga there, and I love my students!

My quote for this writing is from Lao Tzu: "Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river." My job has put me into a beginner's role again, because though I'm a numbers-nerd, there is virtually an infinite amount to learn about our federal and Kansas tax systems. I'm also challenged by the long hours, as I am still teaching my four weekly yoga classes, too.

Some things I'm practicing to sustain this effort (other than counting down the days to April 15!) are staying in the present day, and what is right in front of me, rather than how I'll make it working yet another Saturday. I'm not trying to do too much in my off-time. I'm getting plenty of rest (my husband will vouch for this!). I'm doing something creative for myself--teaching myself to crochet again. It's great to do that on my lunch break, to give my brain a break from numbers.

Overall I feel strong in my ability to learn and do the job (mountain) and stay centered comfortably as each day flows (river). And every day I am finding more in my life to appreciate. I am happy and grateful!
          Celebrating LOVE every day,

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