Saturday, August 22, 2015

Perfectionism rears its ugly head

     Being a person who likes active meditation (as in, I don't do well sitting still for many minutes), I decided that an adult coloring book would be the perfect means to still my mind and take pleasure in one of my favorite things in life, color. There is a great selection of these books out there now--it's "all the rage."
     I was drawn to the one titled "Secret Garden," and I spent some time this morning going through my coloring supplies from my stamping and card-making stock.
     As soon as I pulled the cap off a pen and approached the paper, perfectionism reared its ugly head. What will I do if I mess up? Leave the page a mess? Are these markers fine-pointed enough for these tiny spaces? Why didn't I get something with bigger spaces? And I kid you not, there are youtube videos showing you how to color in this book! Good freakin' heavens!
     I see that this was the perfect purchase for me, and I am undaunted by my "inner roommate" ragging at me. I shall have great fun putting color to paper... lines, what lines!?!?!
     Colorfully perfect,

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