Monday, August 31, 2015

"Best Day Yet"

     This blog title comes from a story by David Goldberg, wherein a friend of his family, when asked how he was doing, consistently said, "Best day yet!" That phrase struck a very harmonious cord with me, and I've been using it repeatedly in my head and out loud for over a week now.
     One result I see is that even if a day is fairly "ordinary," including such basic human tasks as grocery shopping, laundry, tidying, etc., with "best day yet," I have a greater appreciation of being able to do those "ordinary" things.
     There is also the aspect that as life continues to get better and better for me, every additional day on Planet Earth is a huge blessing. Granted, my life has its down times, too, and overall, eventually, I am grateful to be here to experience even those.
     I just finished leading a hugely successful Forrest Yoga retreat weekend at a retreat house about three hours from Wichita. Driving home, I was feeling "best day yet" all over my spirit and body. And believe it or not, "best day yet" got even better. There is great power in using that simple phrase.
    What happened? I had entered a contest and won... tickets to this Saturday's KC Royals game, transportation via the Royals Fan Express bus, Royals shirts and hats for two. This baseball nut is squealing excited.
     Where will "best day yet" take me next!?!?!?

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