Thursday, August 6, 2015

No worries on vacation, to be continued

     I'm joyously back home, after a vacation including 20 days, 10 states, and 3,696 miles driving.
     I'm not much of a worrier most of the time, and my worries hit an all-time low as I was lying in the pool and walking on the beach at the Outer Banks, North Carolina. I spent a week there in a huge house beside the ocean with 19 assorted friends and relatives. We had outstanding weather. It was great. Though I would have preferred to stay there much longer, I did leave with a very peaceful feeling that all is well, and there's nothing for me to worry about.
     In one of my daily readings this morning, I hit this line, "Worry is praying for what we don't want." (David Goldberg) Well, there's some incentive not to worry!
     I can feel in my body, still, that feeling of calm, relaxation, "everything's fine." It feels good to recall this feeling, and I plan to revisit it often to keep the great feelings of vacation flowing through my "regular" life. It also helps to re-visualize the full moon rising over the ocean, another treat from the trip.
     "Don't worry, be happy,"
 to the beach... 

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