Sunday, January 4, 2015

Make 2015 a Year of Discovery

Words from Margaret Stortz:
"Our spiritual ground zero is the recognition of our own natural holiness, the basic goodness inherent in us because of our oneness with Spirit. Once we allow that this truth is our truth, we can stop beating ourselves up. We can let the self-forgiveness and healing take place as necessary. Then we may discover that ours is more a task of discovery rather than fixing. The spiritual raw material is always present for us."
     What if we just drop the idea that something about us needs to be fixed? What if we approach our lives as a process of discovery of new ways to be and behave? Discover what works for us? Discover what makes us happy? Discover what we truly care about in life? Discover what we really want to create in our lives?
     Doesn't "discover" feel much better than "fix"?
          Joyous discovery to you in this glorious new year!

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