Tuesday, January 13, 2015


     I am a airbnb host, one of my business ventures that I truly love. (airbnb.com) The company recently sent a total of $1 million out to hosts (I received $10) to go out and make "one less stranger." That's one of the things I love about the company--it's all about connection, all over the world, making peace one interaction at a time.
     Here's the story of my OneLessStranger adventure this past Sunday morning:
I've just returned from a lovely morning adventure to Starbucks.
Dan was my first new contact, as he was the employee I gave the money to for treating customers. Also working there is a neighbor, Tyler, fun to see him. Despite the early hour (7:15), the folks there were in a great mood. Fun environment. I sat there for a couple hours and read E-Squared, working on my upcoming class.
Thanks to the two folks who left their money at my house Thursday night, I had $65 to play with. I left $10 in tips, and the rest went to customers.
I met Locke, a young man with whom I had a great chat. And yes, I approached him, not the other way around. I am delighted to say that I have, via an informal survey I am undertaking, found another person besides me who likes surprises. When I asked Locke if such is the case for him, his face lit up and he said "yes" without hesitation. More fun!

Kindness rocks.
Smile. It's a great OneLessStranger starter.

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