Sunday, December 28, 2014

Life is too short

"Life is way too short to spend another day at war with yourself." (Unknown)

     I always feel a bit melancholy after Christmas, especially looking at the beautiful lighted tree. We simply don't know if we are going to be around for another Christmas. I don't plan to leave, but who knows what may happen in the next 362 days!?!? This leads me to the beginning quote, please re-read it.
     And I offer these words by Jim Lockard for your consideration:
"Why are so many of us at war with ourselves? It is really baffling, isn't it? Perhaps it is about feeling diminished when we were young by the words, actions and omissions of others. But those others are not the main influences in our lives anymore, are they? When did we take over the job of diminishing ourselves? When and why?
 "It is time to say 'no more.' Not one more self-deprecating thought. It's over. Declare peace. Since we each have become both sides of the conflict, that shouldn't be too hard. Declare a peace treaty and live in peace with yourself. You deserve no less."
Wishing you a peaceful 2015.


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