Saturday, January 10, 2015


     Am I the only person on the planet who likes surprises? I'm beginning to think so. I had a powerful lesson just this past week that most people do NOT like surprises.
     As a former card-carrying contol freak, I understand that there are personalities that don't care for surprises. Why is that? Lack of control? Expecting bad things to happen? Unwillingness to believe good could happen? Plain old fear? Embarrassment? I want to expand my understanding.
     I love surprises. Trust me, I've had some less-than-wonderful surprises in my life. I guess it comes down to Einstein's very important question: Do you believe the world is a friendly place, or not? I definitely believe it is, and I believe people are inherently good, and life supports us in every way.
     How about you? Do you like surprises? I plan to do more informal research on this topic, so there's more to come...
     Life is good!

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