Sunday, January 25, 2015

What's Wrong? What's Right?

     I just finished watching the movie, I AM, by Tom Shadyak. It's definitely worth the time, about 75 minutes. He starts out with the question, "What's wrong with the world?" He ends up with the question, "What's right with the world?"
     This is an invitation to pay attention to your own thoughts and feelings. Note how you feel when you say or think, "what's wrong with ...?" For instance, "what's wrong with me?" Is there anything about that self-judgmental statement that feels good?
     Now let's practice, "what's right with ...?" Your thinking or your conversation moves in a whole different direction. It feels uplifting. It feels hopeful. It feels encouraging.
     Imagine if each of us started viewing our lives and our immediate surroundings and those we come in contact with from the standpoint of "what's right with ... ?" Every single moment and interaction is more enjoyable. Life becomes a simple state of contentment rather than a problem to be fixed.
     What's right with the world? I am, and you are!

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