Monday, August 5, 2013

No Fixing Needed

A worthwhile reminder from Dr. Jim Lockard:
"There is an Intelligence that exists beyond and through everything in this universe. Nothing is separate from this Intelligence. We can know that this Intelligence permeates ourselves and everyone else, that each one is imbued with what is needed to navigate this lifetime--even if that is not apparent to us in the moment. Everyone has the inherent right to be himself or herself, each a work in progress... When we seek to "fix" ourselves or someone else, we violate a basic tenet of this Intelligence: that nothing needs fixing. That's right, nothing needs fixing. Sit with that one for a while. Let it sink in. While change is inherent in everything in the universe, nothing needs fixing...Every being is moving toward a greater expression of the self. We cannot be fixed because we are not broken." 
Doesn't that feel good--to know that there is nothing broken within us? We can change to express greater peace or joy or contentment, but we don't have to fix anything. Whew, what a relief!
In joy,

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