Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gratitude for people :)

You might scroll down and read the 6/26/13 post. The intensive weekend was this past weekend in Kansas City, and to say I'm glad I signed up for this program is a gross understatement.
It's an amazing thing that Spirit has orchestrated. This weekend we had the leader, a motivational speaker, the administrative organizer, and 12 participants. I knew the leader somewhat (that's what inspired me to commit), and the rest, I didn't know from Adam. Having spent Friday evening and all day Saturday with them, they are my newest group of best friends.
I did not realize how hungry I was for support, inspiration, and creative love. My cup was filled to overflowing, and the creative juices are flowing! That's a "to be continued..."
We meet next in Florida in September. Say "beach" and I'm there!
I'm grateful how Spirit/love/life has worked through me to make me feel comfortable so quickly in a group of "strangers." It's a powerful feeling of oneness for which I am so thankful.
Who can you open your heart to today?

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