Friday, August 30, 2013

Death, Taxes and Change

     I'm skipping "death" and "taxes" and going right to "change." It certainly is one of those things we can count on in life.
     Note this quote from Rev. Andriette Earl:
Many of the beliefs that we continue to hold and defend are little more than habitual ways of thinking. At some point, they no longer serve us. Either we have changed or the context in which they were first formed has shifted. 
     I have been challenged recently with the question, "What is it time to let go of?" Honest answers to this question have resulted in considerable change for me. Some of it has resulted in an emotional roller coaster, but as with the end of a roller coaster ride, there has also been relief.
     Resistance to change is futile. I find that the sooner I give in, accept and move on, the sooner the Universe can deliver new good to fill the vacuum of the released persons, places, situations or beliefs.
     Have some fun with that question: What is it time to let go of?
     Enjoy the ride!

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