Sunday, July 14, 2013

Any decisions worth reconsidering?

In the 7/9/13 Daily Guide in Science of Mind magazine, Jim Lockard wrote of his experience with three groups of people, annually graded excellent, average or remedial at the skill of shooting (a job requirement). The groups stayed pretty much the same year to year, even though all technically knew how to shoot a gun. “What we found was that each of the three groups had decided that was where they belonged…Once we decide where we belong, all of our skill and effort goes into maintaining that level of performance.” 
Whoa! What an eye-opener for me. What groups have I put myself into membership? 
  • the group that has a “struggle” with money issues
  • the group with a weight "problem" and difficulty losing weight
  • the group with no musical talent

Just to name a few. And, yes, I can see that great mental, emotional and physical energy has gone into maintaining my memberships. I believe I shall reconsider some of my affiliations.

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