Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Christmas Cry

There's lots of emotion for me around Christmas. Being a person who prefers hanging out in my head (logic, etc.), there's some discomfort with an emotional roller coaster. I love Christmas--I've made conscious choices to lessen the stress and appreciate those events that focus on the many wonderful people in my life. I feel very blessed year-round, but especially at Christmas.
My sons moved from Kansas to Colorado this year, and thus have a much longer drive to get home for Christmas. I'm not a worrier, but I'm still a bit concerned about the weather potentials, driving at night, etc. Will they be home next Christmas? Will I be on the planet still next Christmas? These questions put pressure on me to really be enjoying the NOW, THIS Christmas, and am I doing that sufficiently? This kind of "head stuff" makes me crazy.
All that said, my best option for diffusing all these thoughts and emotions is to have the all-out annual Christmas cry. It serves me best to do it before Christmas, as my family really wonders why I would cry on Christmas Day.
I can feel it coming, and I know some blessing will occur to cause the tears to spill out, finally. That's a great thing.
So maybe consider it--a Christmas cry. I'm betting those around you will be glad you did!
Gratefully celebrating the Christ consciousness,

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