Monday, December 3, 2012

Baggage be gone!

From Eugene Holden: "There is nothing that blocks the emergence of God's perfect world more than hanging on to the past. You see, when we hang on to the past, we are not free to experience what is at hand right now. And what is at hand in this moment is perfection."
We can drag the hurts and negativity of the past around like a suitcase full of rocks. Gee, let's see, who is burdened by that? No one but person with the grip on the suitcase handle. Let's let stuff go.
We can also be burdened hanging onto great stuff from the past, thinking life will never be that good again. With those thoughts, we miss the fact that right now is fabulous, and life keeps on getting better.
There's a lot of pressure at Christmas time to make things "perfect," to fulfill longings of the past. How about starting new traditions, or lightening your activity load, or just considering that there are other options? The past does not need to be a drag on the present. It's our choice!

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