Sunday, December 9, 2012

Not another toy!

Christmas time can be a time of great stress due to gift-giving. Or not.
There are alternatives, if we just give ourselves the gift of slowing down and taking some time to think of other possibilities.
Here's an example: for years I stressed about getting gifts for my 11 great-nieces and great-nephews, wrapping, shipping, etc. At last I realized that this was a fairly meaningless process, because I can promise you, none of those gifts are remembered or in their possession now.
Seven years ago, I decided to stop the Christmas gift giving, and I set up an investment account for their benefit, and invested in it regularly. Each one gets his or her share (1/11th of the account) when they graduate from high school. That process has resulted in gifts of over $2,000 each, way better than the forgotten toys of Christmas. It's so easy for me--I send an annual update to their parents each Christmastime, and I get the thrill of giving a very nice cash gift when one elects to withdraw his or her share.
Let yourself explore the possibilities relative to reducing Christmas stress. It can be done!
Relaxed and lovin' it!

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