Saturday, December 15, 2012

Don't Blame the Gun

The school shooting in Newtown is definitely a tragedy. I can't imagine the horror of the experience for the children, school personnel and families. However, it's a human tragedy, not a gun tragedy.
Unable to comprehend how such a thing could happen, humans take the easy route and blame the gun, and say we humans shouldn't be allowed to have them. That's like saying if someone is killed in a car accident, we shouldn't be allowed to have cars.
In our Bill of Rights, immediately following freedom of speech and assembly (#1) is the right to keep and bear arms (#2). The right to keep and bear arms is THAT important. There is no greater way to control a people than to prevent them from defending themselves by taking away their arms. This fundamental freedom must be maintained.
Those who want to do damage to other humans will always find a way, so it does absolutely no good to take away guns from people with the intent of preventing such tragedies. It simply does not work. I offer as an example that the bomb detonated by Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City was made primarily from fertilizer. I don't remember an outcry to outlaw fertilizer.
I don't own a gun. I don't care for them or hunting or sport shooting. But I will always defend my right to own one if I choose.
The real issue here is one of mental and spiritual health, a much bigger issue to deal with than a gun. Don't blame the gun!

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