Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another Day in Paradise!

I was reminded of the title phrase a few days ago.  Though I'm not perfect at it, I strive to see this as the description of my daily life.  Here's a quote from Rev. Chris Michaels in support of paradise:
"No one is exactly like you. No one thinks or feels exactly the way you do. You are a unique creation, a singular opportunity for God to express. Your happiness does not come from trying to get others to be more like you, or from pretending to be like someone else. It comes from having the courage to be yourself and from embracing others who are different."
I truly believe that it is an incredible honor, opportunity and delight to come to this earthly paradise. The idea comes to mind of souls waiting in line and chomping at the bit to birth here.  Let's act like it!  Let's contribute with the passion we intended when we incarnated. Let's be love and joy. Smile! And at the end of each day, give thanks and say, "Another day in paradise!" What a great way to go to sleep!
Happy New Year!

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