Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bring It On!

Words of Rev. Chris Michaels:
"God created you to live well and prosper. You were designed by a limitless life to receive all of the good you can imagine for yourself. You have a right to live well and prosper. And not only is it your right, it is also your duty--because in doing so, you reveal the true nature of God. By living a prosperous life and accepting your good, you provide the world with an example of a life lived in communion with Spirit. Say yes to everything good coming your way and let your life be made prosperous again."
Think on this: If I'm the creator of all that is, am I going to feel good if my creations (human beings) are poor, suffering, unhealthy, weak, ashamed and sad?  Hell, no!  I want my creations to thrive and expand and be all they can be! Let's live our lives so that we are the absolute joy and delight of Spirit!
And so it is!
In abundance!

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