Thursday, January 23, 2020


     Every great change is preceded by chaos.  --Deepak Chopra

     Just the title of this blog may have caused a "yuck, I don't like it" reaction. But please, read on.
     Chopra's quote above gives me great hope and perspective in our very chaotic world, speaking of governments, countries, the planet, and world affairs. Because of my nature, generally positive, I believe the great change that is coming is going to be extraordinarily good on every level. While I can say that it sucks to have to live through this horrific chaos, I believe that those of us who are doing so are here now for a reason.
     Applying Chopra's quote to my individual life, I can see several examples. Certainly there was extreme chaos on every level in my life before I joined a 12-step program to treat my addiction, an act which induced great change. I can say that the magnitudes of the chaos and the change were about equal. Gardening is a regular chaos and change process, where we disrupt the soil in order to be able to insert the seed or the plant to grow and blossom. Even with house-cleaning, there's plenty of chaos with equipment, cleaning products, and movement of stuff before the change of a clean house manifests.
     Look at the human birth process. The development of a new human is an extremely orderly, divine and mystical process, but it surely feels like chaos to the mother's body. And if the actual birthing event isn't chaos, I don't know what is! The parents' lives are greatly changed forever, and the magnitude of change for the new human can't even be described in words.
     I invite you to consider those times of chaos in your life, and the great change resulting. Note the potential for great change in any present chaos you may be experiencing. The quote above, and "everything has a lifespan" (see previous post, "Time"), are giving me great comfort in this chaotic world.

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