Friday, June 26, 2015

Success and Peace

These words are from Mark Nepo's work, The Book of Awakening:
Much of our anxiety and inner turmoil comes from living in a global culture whose values drive us from the essence of what matters. At the heart of this is the conflict between the outer definition of success and the inner value of peace.
Unfortunately, we are encouraged, even trained, to get attention when the renewing secret of life is to give attention...
The longer we try to get attention instead of giving it, the deeper our unhappiness...
It leaves us with these choices: fame or peace, be a celebrity or celebrate being, work all our days to be seen or devote ourselves to seeing, build our identity on the attention we can get or find our place in the beauty of things by the attention we can give.
     While I like to consider these points by Nepo, I don't necessarily think success and peace are mutually exclusive. What if we can simply be happy with whatever our lot in life is? That's wildly successful as far as I am concerned.
     I love Dr. Chris Michaels' definition of success: 1. Have fun.  2. Learn something  3. Help someone along the way. That's an easy-to-do success, and I can be very peaceful and happy with that.
     Simplify, simplify,

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