Sunday, June 21, 2015

My Dad, Your Dad

     My dad passed from earthly life in 2000. I think of him daily and still miss him very much.
     I want to offer a Father's Day gift suggestion that I expect your dad will like. Pick an outstanding quality that he demonstrates and tell him how much you appreciate that in him. This isn't hard, it will come to mind right away.
     For my dad, that quality was GENEROSITY. He was always willing to share what he had, both monetarily and otherwise, with others. He gave of his time to such things as going door-to-door collecting for the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association. I do not ever remember him telling me he didn't have time for me. I owe my investing prowess and business savvy to his generous guidance. (Also my good looks and beautiful silver hair, hee hee!)
     My dad frequently said, "The Miller family has been incredibly blessed." That was, and continues to be the truth. He felt it his blessing to share his blessings. I love you, Dad!

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