Sunday, April 5, 2015

What does "brave" mean to you?

     I'm working on a new website, and it uses the "Brave Broad" theme and looks at the concept of "brave." I would love to have your comments on what "brave" means to you. It may be a phrase or two, or paragraphs, whatever you feel inspired to write.
     For instance, for me, it was extremely brave to skydive. But that's often a once-in-a-lifetime brave. It has taken much more bravery for me to learn to say "no" when I truly want to say "no," to stand up for myself consistently, to buck the opinions of so-called "experts." Really, just living each day well on this amazing planet full of amazing humans is brave.
     I encourage you to think back on your life and note times of bravery, and give yourself lots of credit for them. Ponder "brave" and if you feel inspired, please comment. That will be quite brave of you!
     And, if you are willing to have your comments show up on my website at some point in time, please indicate that. I won't use any names with the quotes, initials at most.
     Brave new website coming soon...

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