Sunday, April 26, 2015

Self-Exploration Bravery

     I am currently working my way through a book titled Emotional Currency by Kate Levinson. The subtitle is "A Woman's Guide to Building a Healthy Relationship with Money." It is a well-written and interesting read. It is also packed with self-exploration questions. That's the work I'm doing, exploring with writing and contemplation the many different ways I experience money.
    It's making me aware of how emotionally-charged money can be for me, as well as how pervasive money-thoughts and issues are in my life. I've also discovered that I have a few money-related "unmentionables"--ideas relative to money that are quite embarrassing or even shameful that I would never speak aloud. Except I did share them with a trusted person, as that's how we release the shame--express it and let it go. That took some bravery on my part. The point is that we all have these "unmentionables" if we take the time to identify them.
     Money is "core" issue with me. Even that's curious to me, as I've never not had enough. Exploring my relationship with money is making me more aware, and that's the first step to change. I can feel my angst relative to money lessening. That's enough encouragement to keep me bravely plowing through Emotional Currency.
     Bravely exploring,

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