Friday, May 8, 2015

"Make my day" or Don't Take Your Clothes Dryer for Granted

     I visited our two sons in Fort Collins, Colorado, last weekend. They have a lovely home that they rent with a friend. It is comfortably complete except for a working clothes dryer. They have been washing their clothes at home, then taking them to the laundromat to dry. Not so much fun.
     They were working while I was there, so I decided to investigate used dryers. LSS, I found them one, purchased it, and gave them the paperwork with instructions that it had to be picked up within a week. (Actually, it was two weeks, but I'm a mom, I know better!) Yesterday I received a text photo showing the old non-working dryer gone and the new one in place.
     This afternoon my younger son called to say that it works great,and they are so appreciative, that it makes life so much easier not having to go to the laundromat. "Thank you so much, Mom!" The call made my day, as I was anxious to hear this good news. He also said, "You don't realize the stuff you take for granted until you don't have one."
     So what are you taking for granted that your life would be so much more difficult without? Worth considering... car, washer, dryer, spouse, toilet, shower, computer, the list is endless.
      Enjoying a full, blessed life,

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