Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"I think I can't..."

     For years, I've told myself I can't do side plank, a shoulder and core challenging yoga pose. I just told myself I couldn't do it, didn't even try. As a yoga teacher, I KNOW BETTER!!! I remind my students frequently not to tell themselves that they can't do something. In a small way in my defense, I don't care for plank pose, so I figured I'd like side plank even less, so I didn't care to try. I can do regular plank pose just fine.
     This morning, with thoughts of teaching side plank on the wall (a beginner version, or good for folks with some sort of shoulder challenge), I decided to give side plank on the floor a try in the privacy of my woman cave, so if I truly couldn't do it, I wouldn't be "on display." Geez. I did it, no problem, piece of cake. I like it way better than regular plank. Who knew!?!?!
     So I challenge you--what is something you've been saying you can't do? Give it a try, maybe you CAN!
      Life is good!

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