Monday, August 11, 2014

This is Heaven NOW

     I had the awesome joy and honor to spend this weekend just past at Walk in Peace Ranch in the Flint Hills of Kansas, northeast of Wichita. (
     My own personal slice of heaven was the hilltop... a labyrinth, Starhenge, Spirit Stones and more. At sunset Friday and Saturday nights, I climbed the hill to watch the sun go down and the moon rise (bonus: a "super" moon), and to see the first visible stars. Conveniently placed atop the hill were several large polished stone slabs on which I could stretch out. The sky is SO big there, that, when lying down, it was only in my furthest peripheral vision that I could see land.
      This peaceful time that I spent on the hilltop embedded in my heart that heaven is within me, and I am within it, and it's all One, a powerful, comfortable, joyful knowing. I can hardly wait to get back there and be on that hilltop again.
      Practicing heaven now,

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