Friday, July 11, 2014

Ungrow Up

     My friend Jeffrey Dunn used the title phrase in a recent email, talking about how he gave up his saxophone many years ago to "grow up," and now he's getting back into it, and he's going to ungrow up.
     I was talking with son Eliot the other day, having an unusual (for me) lament about assorted worries and feeling like an old fart. Our discussion of that ended with "this, too, shall pass." He referred me to this OK GO video: This group's creativity and goofiness are great reminders that life is FUN!!
     Oh, dear, I do take life too seriously. And there's absolutely no good reason for it. I have a full, rich, healthy, love-filled life. I think I shall remember to have some FUN today. And tomorrow. And each day after that. Do give some consideration to how you may lighten up your life :)
     With smiles,

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