Monday, July 14, 2014

Communication Problem

     This quote is from The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks (an outstanding book):
"Behind every communication problem is a sweaty ten-minute conversation you don't want to have. However, the moment you work up the courage to have it, you collect an instant reward in relief as well as open up a flow of communication that will allow you to resolve the situation."

     Holy cow. I was reviewing the book today to help prepare for a workshop I'll be doing soon, and I hit upon this quote. I had an example of this very thing this past weekend. Alas, I had been dragging around the fear of the "sweaty ten-minute conversation" for WAY longer than I'd care to admit. And yes, there was an "instant reward in relief" and the issue was resolved. Whew!
     Things such as this that we hang onto out of fear really do inhibit good from fully flowing to and through us. My mentor, Dr. Chris Michaels, is adamant about saying what needs to be said, within the same day (in the above example, I failed that miserably). But like all of life, this is a practice, and I am improving!
     Maybe you have something that needs to be said, today?!?!??

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