Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thoughts on Eating--Simplify!!!

Good morning!
     I've been doing quite a bit of reading lately to support development of a yoga workshop I'll be offering later this spring. I especially enjoy the blog Yoga for Healthy Aging (http://yogaforhealthyaging.blogspot.com/). There is a variety of professionals who contribute to this blog, and it's very informative and gives me great ideas for my yoga practice and teaching. It doesn't matter how old you are now--healthy aging is something you might want to enjoy as the years fly by (and they do fly!).
    One article I read was on healthy eating. It made my head spin. There are so many studies and recommendations and do's and don'ts and shoulds and shouldn'ts. In my opinion, it's all exhausting, tiresome and unnecessary. It's MY body, my body is intelligent, it guides me to what's best for me, especially regarding fuel.
     My husband and I, over time, have named and use these two simple guidelines: 1) know the ingredients and 2) eat food that spoils. Knowing the ingredients of your food means that you don't need a chemistry degree to understand what's in the food. It also means that we make lots of things from scratch. Eating food that spoils means it's fresh and not overly processed. We strive for "simple food done well," and we have quite happy tummies. Best of all, we FEEL good and we are healthy.
     So I'd offer this suggestion: don't let anyone tell you what is the "right" food for your body, including me! Relax, figure it out for yourself, and enjoy!

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