Sunday, February 2, 2014

Yet another huge blessing--airbnb

     I just said good-bye to my ninth set of airbnb guests. What's airbnb?
     It's an international hospitality company with a website ( that enables hosts to list space online for travelers to rent for one or more nights. There are over 350,000 hosts worldwide. It started, literally, with a San Francisco man who rented an air mattress in his home during a convention that had all the city's hotels completely sold out. He did it to pay the rent, and it's blossomed into an awesome organization joyfully connecting people from all over the world.
     When I learned about airbnb last summer, by staying with an airbnb host, I was immediately hooked. We are empty-nesters with two open bedrooms--we'd been sitting on a "gold mine" and didn't know it! I have had guests from as far away as Thailand. I've met and enjoyed many wonderful people. It's a very self-regulating system because after the stay, the host reviews the guest, and vice versa. It's fully based on the belief that people are good.
     What an awesome blessing this has been in my life! For me, it's getting PAID to keep the house clean, with the added bonus of meeting great folks I would not otherwise meet. It's a huge blessing to the world, as all these personal connections are bit-by-bit creating more love, joy, and peace in our world.
     Check into it--it may not be for you, but it may open up a whole new world.

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