Monday, February 10, 2014


     I don't get angry very often, rarely, actually. Or so I thought. Tama Kieves, in her book, Inspired & Unstoppable, wrote: "Impatience is a form of anger." That statement certainly stopped me in my tracks.
     As I think on that sentence, yes, I have to agree, impatience is a form of anger. I'm hacked off that whatever I want is not with me right this instant. That the universal creative forces are not fast enough for me. That it seems no one is listening to my (mental) foot-stomping and demands.
     And to offer a different perspective, I offer this quote from May Sarton: “It does not astonish or make us angry that it takes a whole year to bring into the house three great white peonies and two pale blue iris.” Of course not-I'm a gardener, so I truly appreciate the magnificent divine timing of nature. Hmmm, maybe that divine timing applies to my life, too?
     Developing patience,

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