Friday, June 28, 2013

Something Bigger

Perfectly on the heels of my Wednesday post, today's Daily Guide in Science of Mind magazine is titled "Something Bigger." It is written by Rev. Sally Robbins, and I offer it here for your inspiration.

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. (Joseph Campbell)
Rev. Sally writes:
I used to live on the Gulf Coast, and once after a hurricane, my backyard was virtually flooded. When I inspected the yard, I noticed a large clump floating. I discovered that it was a clump of live fire ants! I later learned that fire ants are surprisingly resourceful when it comes to water. When the colony of ants senses that water is coming to destroy their nest, they quickly move the queen, her eggs, their food, and the entire colony out of the nest, and they form a clump that floats on the water. The ants interlock their legs and form a "raft" that can float for months. Scientists used to think that the ants on the bottom drowned and died, but they discovered that the ants actually take turns on the bottom and top.
One fire ant by itself in the water will drown. A colony of ants in water will band together for the greater good and interlock their bodies to survive. If ants can figure out that there is something greater than themselves, so can we.
We're all in this together, and when we realize that we are interdependent with our brothers and sisters, life becomes easier. When we recognize that there is something larger afoot, we release our petty concerns and embrace the allness of life. Everything supports us in the flow of good.
Affirmation: I am a part of something larger, and I turn over my life to the greater good.
Have a super weekend!

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