Sunday, March 10, 2013

More from "The Untethered Soul"

I am currently facilitating a class on Michael Singer's book, The Untethered Soul.
Here's a quote: "What you'll see, if you watch carefully, is that you have a phenomenal amount of energy inside of you. It doesn't come from food and it doesn't come from sleep. This energy is always available to you. ... When it is flowing strongly, you can actually feel it coursing through you in waves. It gushes up spontaneously from deep inside and restores, replenishes, and recharges you. The only reason you don't feel this energy all the time is because you block it. You block it by closing your heart, by closing your mind, and by pulling yourself into a restrictive space inside. This closes you off from all the energy."

We want to keep this awesome energy flowing, don't we? Why block it? We do that when something happens that we don't like, that doesn't match our rules about how the world should be. It may be an event, a remark, something unexpected--lots of things can rattle our world-view. Most of these rattlers are really pretty trivial in the grand scheme of things. For instance, why let one "bad" driver spoil a whole day?
Alas, many are truly hooked on melodrama, and creating huge deals out of trivial things. As Mr. Singer states, "It's not healthy."

How do you not block your flow of energy? Begin to really pay attention to your heart. It is an awesome signaler that something is disturbing you. Breathe, relax around your heart, and release the energy--just let it flow on out with your exhale. It's a small exercise with a huge payoff--lots of free-flowing, creative energy.


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