Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yippee, celebrate!!!!!

Tomorrow is the Brave Broad's birthday. With the monthly (and post-grand-puppy-visit) house-cleaning looming over me, I busted it today to get the cleaning done, because I will NOT clean on my birthday! (Did too much cleaning as a youngster--just saying!) Now I have a lovely clean home to enjoy.
So what will I do?  I am blessed to have prayer time with a dear friend to start my day, then I get to teach Forrest Yoga. Mid-day is open, and will include the daily nap, then I get to spend the evening with friends in a class I am leading on The Big Leap (Gay Hendricks).
My life is incredibly awesome, and I am so joyfully grateful. I truly am uninterested in stuff--as I get older, I so appreciate experiences more than things. I love spending time with my husband and sons. I love to travel. I love to discuss spiritual principles and share Forrest Yoga and all its healing benefits with others. I appreciate who I am, and I feel so loved. I know that I am never alone--there is a presence in the Universe that adores and supports me endlessly.
Can't add much more to that!  I hope YOUR birthday finds you feeling so in love with your life! If not, give me a call--I can help :)
Joy and love,

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