Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fixing others

We humans have a glorious tendency to think we have it together enough to go off and try to fix others, too. While I believe this is generally motivated by good intent, we're missing a key point here. This attitude that it's appropriate to try to fix others says that we think we have some inside knowledge that the other person isn't capable of having. We lose sight of the fact that we are all Spirit in form, all one, and all have access to the same "support system" in Spirit. We are all unique in our process, no doubt, but one process is no better than the other.  Yes, one may appear more satisfying than another, but that's not for us, looking in from the outside, to judge. Everyone is capable of choosing differently in any given moment.
Ernest Holmes states this idea quite nicely: If our human relations are to mean the most to us, we must sense that there is hidden within, around, and through each of us a Divine Presence manifesting itself in infinite variations—the same impulse, the same Love and Life, but never quite alike in any two persons.

Let's celebrate our uniqueness rather than try to fix it!
Enjoy your day!

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