Monday, May 7, 2012

Fearless Love

Recently my 2 sons and grand-puppy Dusty visited Tuttle Lake near Manhattan, Kansas.  We went to a part of the lake with rocky edges; the ledge we relaxed on was probably 25 feet above the water's surface.  Humans could have climbed down and up the rocks VERY carefully, but it would take a while to navigate.

Dusty is a Golden Retriever, wired to retrieve, that is, it is his nature.  I witnessed an amazing feat.  Derek, from the ledge, threw a floating frisbee into the water, and Dusty literally RAN down the rocks, leapt into the water, got the frisbee, raced back up the rocks, and brought back the frisbee to Derek.  There was no fear or caution in Dusty, he went after that frisbee and nothing was stopping him--his love for Derek was completely revealed and he was unstoppable as he determinedly swam to the disc and returned it to Derek.  This joyful game of fetch was repeated probably a dozen times, and Dusty didn't slow down.

Something to ponder--is there anything in your life that you go after with a passion you'd describe as "fearless love"?  Is that something you'd like to experience?  I can help--call me at 316-722-9617.

Love and Blessings,

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