Sunday, March 1, 2020

March Gladness

     It's March, hallelujah!!!! I love the month of March. It benefits greatly from being immediately after February, which is, in my opinion, the longest month of the year. Here in Wichita, we are getting teasers for spring. Today, March 1, for instance, is predicted to be a mostly sunny day with temperatures in the high 60s. That's glorious! I am so ready to see leaves on the trees and green grass.
     In my over-full-time-but-temporary job as a tax preparer, March is a crazy-busy time which tends to fly by quickly. And when March is over, it's only a couple weeks to April 15 which signals the end of the job for another year, and the beginning of nine months of fun with the money I made. March also has become the time I escape the desk for a few days and go to Colorado to see my sons. That trip is already planned for this coming weekend.
     I am a huge sports fan, and I follow college basketball teams in three conferences. The sports month gets going with the conference tournaments, followed by March Madness, my second favorite sporting event of the month.
     OK, I'll admit that Christmas Day is probably my all-time favorite day of the year. Just a nanometer behind that, however, is Opening Day of baseball season. This year that day is March 26. As soon as I know that date, it goes on my calendar. As John Fogerty penned, "We're born again, there's new grass on the field." As I get older, it means more to me each year that I have lived to see another Opening Day. I can continue my quest to see a game in every MLB city. I have seven left, and I will drop that number to six when I see the Cubs play the Diamondbacks in Arizona right after tax season ends.
     My Daily Peace book designates March as the month of "Resilience." And so we march on, with hope springing eternal.
           Go, CUBS!!!!

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