Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Blessing of Time Away

     This past weekend was the annual retreat I lead at Timber Creek Retreat House in Drexel, Missouri. The House is a magnificent place in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by woods and hiking trails, offering sightings of deer and turkeys and the many other blessings of nature. We did yoga and MELT treatments, enjoyed meditation before each delicious meal, and still had lots of free time for massage or whatever our hearts desired. We also had a release session where folks could leave mental, emotional or spiritual baggage behind. It's a time where you and you alone get to make the choice of how to spend your time. Everything is optional, though no one ever missed a meal!
     It is a time to fully realize and absorb the knowing that love really is all that matters, and love is the driving force of all creation. It is a time to absorb that we are never alone, and we are, every single one of us, dearly loved beyond our human understanding. It is a time to find inspiration for what's next in your life, or to simply gain a renewed perspective relative to your life as it is.
     I've led at least five of these annual retreats. I always come away with a heart overflowing with love, truly a visceral feeling in my chest. Prior to this year, I've simply seen myself as the organizer, doing what I do best, organize. But this year, I got it---that this is truly a powerful spiritual experience for those attending, that the group does not come together as a coincidence, and that I am the (willing) tool of Spirit to create this awesome, loving, life-changing event. I am so grateful to be used in such a way!
     Check out the tab above for information on next year's retreat. This year's group "demanded" an extra night, up from two to three, which I expect will at least double the peace, joy and love.
     Basking in the love,

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