Sunday, June 4, 2017

Playing with Art

     This is the year that the artist in me (not sure if it is tiny or big) escapes. I did a group painting experience with friends in January and decided that I want to paint (other than walls in my house). I have purchased all the supplies to get me started, but haven't yet dived in, because...
     I am busy having fun with Zentangles ( I am creating these to use in my forthcoming book for coloring.

     I bought the Zentangle starter kit, but you wouldn't need to. Google "zentangle" and you'll find plenty of resources online. I do, however, really like the paper provided in the kit. Doing this is a great form of meditation. I get lost in the creativity of it all.
     Who knew when I agreed to write the book that I would end up putting MY art into it? Had someone told me that when I started writing, I would have scoffed vehemently at the them. I guess I am evolving, even if I don't see it sometimes. Oh, yeah, that's part of being a Brave Broad!
      Getting artsy-fartsy,

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