Friday, June 2, 2017

Eyes, Wonder and Milestones

     I am in awe even more now over the human body, in this instance, the eyes. The ability to heal, an amazing mystery, is very dear to my heart right now, as I had the cataract removed from my right eye just two days ago, Wed. morning, May 31. The general path regarding the lens implant is for folks to have their distance vision corrected, leaving the up-close vision requiring glasses, as most folks near vision has deteriorated significantly with age. I went into it with still excellent up-close vision, which I wanted to keep, and a willingness to keep wearing glasses for distance. Losing my great up-close sight would be traumatic for me. So that was the big question as I came out of surgery.
    First opening of the right eye on Wed. found everything slanted at 45 degrees. Weird and freaky! A quick call to the doctor's office let me know this abnormal vision is normal at first. I've rested the past two days, giving my body time to heal, and I've slept even more than usual. My body is using the rest time well to heal my eye. Scratchiness is gone. Last night I was able to do a drawing, seeing clearly up-close through my newly repaired eye. I am so grateful for all the talent, good care, technology and health insurance (thanks, President Obama) that made all this possible.
     Wait a minute. Did I say "drawing"? Yes, I have taken up drawing. I am doing Zentangles for my forth-coming book, which (happy dance!!) is now in the hands of my editor and friend, Jeanne Smith. Huge milestone accomplished! The drawings will be in the book for coloring. I love exploring my budding talent at this very fun art form. Check it out at
     Life is good!

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