Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 was a helluva year!

     2016 was a great year for me. I realize there are many out there who think the year sucked, and I hold you in love and sincerely hope 2017 is a much better year for you.
     I went through my daily Win List and came up with these highlights:

  • Completed first season of tax prep, very enlightening, learned a lot
  • Dennis & I celebrated our 30-year anniversary with a lovely trip exploring Colorado
  • Completed book study classes on Big Magic and Slow Medicine
  • Led two retreats at Timber Creek (yoga, Slow Medicine)
  • My baby rocker was restored and refinished
  • Went to Ana Forrest workshops in Houston
  • My hip healed via year-long Slow Medicine journey (see earlier blog post)
  • Completed a Whole 30 program, with weight loss inspiring new clothing purchases (dropped the "X" from my size!)
  • Attended Symphony in the Flint Hills
  • Enjoyed a fabulous trip to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland with my excellent travel partner, Lanie
  • Attended a Royals game with galpals
  • Enjoyed Derek at home for a friend's wedding in August
  • Treated Derek, Eliot and Alissa to a Cubs/Rockies game in Denver, adding another stadium to my "see all the MLB ball parks" life goal (& Cubs won!)
  • Survived a physical, which confirmed my excellent health
  • Spent a great long weekend in Chicago with my dear friend Cricket, including a Cubs game at Wrigley Field
  • Dennis' Eagle job ended after nearly 26 years--yes, this is a good thing
  • I dug deeply into the MELT Method, working with friends to explore the techniques and heal connective tissue; this is another healing modality I plan to explore much more
  • Golfed w sons in FOCO in October, and discovered a great place for us to stay when visiting, The Solarium
  • Spent a lovely Thanksgiving holiday with Dennis' family
  • Made a huge life change and purchased an artificial Christmas tree (jury is still out)
  • Enjoyed a trip with galpals to Kansas City for a concert, Christmas lights on the Plaza & KCCSL
  • Enjoyed a super family Christmas in FOCO, made personalized stockings for Alissa & Paisley
  • Swam 126 miles (over 100 miles for the 19th year in a row)
  • And the most stellar event of 2016... THE CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we focus on the good, the good expands. I'm excited for 2017!
      Happy New Year!

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