Monday, May 9, 2016

Unexpected Treasures

     I love it when Nature/God/The Universe (whatever you care to name the whole and holy life energy of which we are a part) gives me a treasure. Actually, the treasures are flowing my way continuously, so I guess I'm really talking about when I notice them and allow them to delight me.
     This morning I drove to Sedgwick County Park to walk, just for a change of scenery. I am strengthening my legs for longer distance walking due to upcoming travel, so I want to figure out some longer routes than my neighborhood streets offer.
     I was walking around one of the ponds at the park and came along two families of geese, one with two babies and the other with six. I'm not generally really fond of geese (droppings, a nasty encounter on the golf course), but the goslings are fluffy fur-balls and quite cute little treasures.
     There was also a stiff breeze from the south, which served to cool me off. Some may refer to that as our annoying "Kansas wind," but it was a treat for me this morning.
     Look about, pay attention, notice the treasures, allow yourself to be delighted. It makes life ever so much more fun!

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