Sunday, May 15, 2016

I love my life.

     I was on a group phone call recently with friends, and the statement "I love my life" was brought up as a topic of conversation. Specifically, the question was raised whether we could state that phrase and truly mean it.
     It was easy for me. I have been saying "I love my life" with great conviction for years. I use that phrase pretty much every morning in my prayers. Saying I love my life simply brings me more to love.
     What does it mean to me to love my life? It certainly doesn't mean everything is swimmingly perfect all the time. In general I am mostly joyful, but I do experience the full range of emotions, and I am grateful for that. I have wonderful people in my life who are loving and supportive. My life is abundant to the fullest extent of that term, not just speaking of money. I love baseball! I love the varied work I do, and I especially love the freedom and flexibility I have to travel. I get to teach and practice yoga and expand my spiritual nature. I enjoy being on Playground Earth at this time. I am comfortable in my own skin.
     But then there's house-cleaning, laundry, inattentive drivers, cancelled flights, flat tires, colds and viruses, poor customer service, broken appliances... myriad potential annoyances. They, too, are a part of the life I love, because I'm grateful that I have the strength, resiliency and resources to deal with them.
     Do you love your life?

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