Monday, April 18, 2016

Do One Thing Differently Today

     We humans are such creatures of habit. This came home to me ever more powerfully, having just completed 13 weeks of tax work, wherein I set for myself a rigid schedule to keep it all together during 50-hour, 6-day work-weeks. I swam on certain days, and had other assorted tasks that I specifically scheduled so as not to fall behind.
     I realized that I was becoming more and more of an automaton based on the day of the week. So I started making an effort to do something differently each day, an exercise that encouraged me to pay more attention to my life. One tiny example is, when using a spray bottle, to use your non-dominant hand to squeeze the trigger. Another example is driving a different route. Go to a new place for lunch. Smile and say hello to a stranger. Stop and smell the iris. Make a new habit of doing something different each day. It's a fun way to pay attention to this awesome life we are given.
     LOVING the rain here in Wichita,
          Leta Renee

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