Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day--some brave words

     Mother's Day is a gooey, heart-warming holiday where all mothers are appropriately honored.
     I shall be brave here and say that's not always the case.
     Mother's Day is challenging for me. My mother transitioned many years ago, in 1979, when I was just shy of age 24. When Mother's Day arrives, it seems that everyone else on the planet has a living mom except me. I know that's not true, but that's how it feels.
     I've put a lot of pressure on myself to "love" Mother's Day, but truth be told, I'm glad when it's over. I'm not sure if I'll hear from either son, so that's makes the day dicey right there. Usually I do, but they work most Sundays, so if I do hear from them, it's much later in the day.
     The past few years I've held my focus on how incredibly grateful I am to BE a mother, and that's helped me through the day with much more ease. With this focus, it doesn't matter what Mother's Day stuff happens around me or for me. It has been an honor, a privilege, and quite an adventure being a mom!
     Grateful for life and love,

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