Monday, June 23, 2014

The Mixed Bag of Car Repairs

    As I draft this, I'm sitting at the car repair shop, getting an oil change in preparation for a big road trip. Focus as I did on "just an oil change," alas, such is not to be.
     Already I've been taken twice to my car to see things that must be fixed, both relatively minor. However, it was pointed out, fixing those things could point out further problems. And, of course, the threat of a breakdown "in the middle of nowhere" compels me to say, "OK, fix it." All the while, "$$$$$$$" are throbbing around my brain.
     I'm so grateful for my car ("my baby") and how wonderful and reliable it has been. This coming Thursday marks 10 years owning it. And I want to keep it for several more years.
     Why do I have such a rough time with a car repair bill? The only thing I can think of, really, is that we won't have enough money to pay for it, and that's silly.
     So here I go, making a "re-frame it" list:

  • My car is my dream car, and I want to keep it healthy and happy, thus keeping me safe and secure.
  • My car gives me priceless freedom and independence, but only if it is running well.
  • I spend plenty of money maintaining ME. Why wouldn't I do that for my car, on which I am very dependent?
  • Regular maintenance buys peace of mind.
  • A repair bill is another opportunity for Spirit to provide us with the bounty to continue living well.

     I know I'll have achieved a major spiritual breakthrough when a car repair bill no longer causes me an internal gasp of distress. The final report, $676, and one of the problems I took it in for reappeared on the way home. Insert "gasp of distress" here.
     Knowing it will all work out just fine,

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