Friday, May 23, 2014

"We have rain!"

     Our area has been blessed with rain over the past couple of days.
     I was reminded of the words of Gregg Braden and an unnamed Tibetan monk that "the feeling is the prayer," and when we pray asking for something, it means we don't have it, and we are reinforcing that belief. Jesus said to pray, BELIEVING, that what you seek already exists. So all the past week, I've been chanting to myself, "We have rain." I've also been adding the imaginative aspects of how things smell when it rains, the squishy feeling of the soaked ground, the glorious beauty of rain droplets on our bald cypress tree. This morning when I stepped outside, all those imagined things were a reality. We have rain!
    Just a reminder (to myself as well as my readers) that this practice applies to more than rain!
        Happy Holiday Weekend!

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