Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Big Lesson of 2013

     I had the opportunity to reflect on my life in 2013, and one thing bubbled up as the huge lesson I took to heart this year. That is, releasing is a good thing.
     I comically refer to myself as a "card-carrying control freak." I would prefer to always keep my wonderful life orderly, fully good, with minimal changes to rock my boat. (That sounds boring as I write it!) Alas, life has other ideas and inspirations and surprises for me.
     So this year, I released stuff, relationships, beliefs, and many limitations. And lo and behold, the Universe replaced all those vacancies with even more wonderful life riches for me. I have seven new best friends whom I did not even know at the beginning of 2013. How cool is that?!? That's proof enough for me that life continues to expand its good through us if we don't block the flow by clinging to what needs to go.
     Here's a helpful reminder: hold your breath. At some point, it becomes uncomfortable. Let it go. Relief and fresh air flows. This is our physical reminder that releasing is a good thing.
     Here's to an awesome 2014!

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