Monday, November 18, 2013

Adventure into the Unknown

     The "adventure" is one of those "I don't know how but I'm gonna figure it out." I'm going to have my own radio show on the new, soon-to-be-launched Spiritual Living Radio Network, an internet radio station.
     Pieces of the "how to" have been falling together rather easily, so I feel strongly led to give it a shot. For instance, over the years, I've learned how to use Audacity, the network-recommended free software program for making and editing recordings. And my husband has the perfect recording equipment for my efforts. Hmmm, I see something has been developing here ;)
     I keep reminding myself that I am quite creative, and I have a great opportunity here to use that creativity, rather than hanging out in the "I don't know" place. I'm not confused or helpless, I'm learning! That feels way more fun.
     I will have guests on the show, and I will take sponsors in any amount. I'll write more on that later.
     And more details on the show will be forthcoming...
Have an adventuresome week!

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